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“Silver Linings... After The Storm” Romans 8:28 Length: 33:33
FCCTyroneSermon_04-26-2020 “3 Essential Elements of a Great Church” 1 Thessalonians 1 Length: 28:12
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“Sincerely Yours” 1 Thessalonians 2 Length: 28:38
“Truth About Trials” 1 Thessalonians 3 Length: 28:08
“Not Of This World” 1 Thessalonians 4 Length: 27:00
“D-Day to V-Day” Revelation 12:1-12 Length: 30:16
FCCTyroneSermon_05-31-2020 “Don’t Worry For Tomorrow But  Take Great Care For Today” 1 Thessalonians 5 Length: 29:05
FCCTyroneSermon_06-07-2020 “The Allocation of Priority” The 10 Commandments for Contemporary Man Exodus 20:3 Length: 25:17
FCCTyroneSermon_06-14-2020 “Foundation for Reconstruction” The 2nd Commandment for Contemporary Man Exodus 20:4-6, 20 Length: 28:29
FCCTyroneSermon_06-21-2020 “Foundation for Reconstruction” The 3rd Commandment for Contemporary Man Exodus 20:7 Length: 30:25 or 39:17 with music
FCCTyroneSermon_06-28-2020 “Foundation for Reconstruction” The 4th Commandment for Contemporary Man “Remember The Sabbath To Keep It Holy” Exodus 20:8 Length: 34:06 with music
FCCTyroneSermon_07-05-2020 “Foundation for Reconstruction” The 5th Commandment for Contemporary Man “Respect For Inheritance” Exodus 20:12 Length: 38:18 with music
FCCTyroneSermon_07-12-2020 “The Case For The Sacredness Of Human Life” The 6th Commandment for Contemporary Man Exodus 20:13 Length: 40:04 with music
FCCTyroneSermon_07-19-2020 “The Achievement and Blessing of Fidelity” The 7th Commandment for Contemporary Man Exodus 20:13 Length: 34:18 with music
FCCTyroneSermon_07-26-2020 “The 8th & 10th Commandments Dor Contemporary Man “Respecting The Dignity of Ownership” Exodus 20:15 & 17 Length: 41.48 with music
FCCTyroneSermon_08-02-2020 The 9th Commandment For Contemporary Man “The Requirements of Veracity”

Exodus 20:16

Length: 33:37 with music
FCCTyroneSermon_08-09-2020 “Then… and Now! His Grace Extends” Exodus 32 / Romans 2:9-10 Length 36:39 (with music)
FCCTyroneSermon_08-16-2020 “A Real Christian” Acts 11:25-26 Length 39:23 (with music) Sermon by Howard Taylor
FCCTyroneSermon_08-23-2020 “Paul’s Prayer for Knowledge”” Ephesians 1:15-23 Length 39:08 (with music) Sermon by Howard Taylor
FCCTyroneSermon_08-30-2020 “Walking With God Through The Wilderness”” Exodus 35-40 Length 30:50 (Sermon Only)
FCCTyroneSermon_09-06-2020 “God’s Word Proclaimed Walking With God…. Through The Wilderness “Holy Implications Of The Sacrificial System” Leviticus 1-16 Length 40+
FCCTyroneSermon_09-13-2020 God’s Word Proclaimed Walking With God… Through the Wilderness
“The Three Annual Festivals... and Their Fullment In Jesus Christ” Leviticus 23:4-9;15-16;34 & Colossians 2:16 Click Here To Play The Mens Quartet Length 35:20 (Sermon Only)  16:45 (Quartet Music)
FCCTyroneSermon_09-20-2020 God’s Word Proclaimed Walking With God… Through The Wilderness
“A Panoramic View of the Day of Atonement” Leviticus 16 - Isiah 53:10 - Hebrews 9:10 Length 53:22 (Sermon with Music)