Rev. 02-20-2021
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Photos of 2019
for our Chefette Shirley (pictured with Ron Hall)
Photos of 2020 The Drive-In Easter Sermon That Wasn’t
This event began quite successfully with about 70 folks in cars in the parking lot near the church bus canopy. Sacrements of bread and juice that were secured in ziplock bags (due to covid-19 regulations) were passed out as each car entered.
This was a great turnout that filled the back right side of the parking area.
A piano was brought out for Sharon Melear who waited patiently for the start of this Easter event.  
Howard Taylor (above) waits patiently for the start of the Easter program. Then came the thunder and lightning!!! Ron Hall and the other Elders made the decision that there was too much danger and the event was cancelled for safety.
The rains came down and the lightning continued prompting this Easter event to be cancelled, but that didn’t take away from the importance of the day and the fact that this service and the sermon were for the remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Playground Bench Dedication In Memory of Ernest Worley July 12, 2020