Trusting God’s Word by C.Morris
Have you ever read something in the Bible and it didn’t make sense to you at all? If we don’t understand something, it’s easy to distrust it. But we can’t pick and choose parts of the Bible we want to believe and parts we don’t believe because we don’t understand it. A long time ago I learned to accept and believe that the Bible is “God’s Word”. All of it!  That is exactly what the Bible says... it’s God’s word. So once you have settled that in your mind we approach Bible study in a different vein. We know it’s God’s word we’re reading and our hearts are more open to receiving what God wants us to learn. I think one of the hardest passages for people to understand and accept is found in Matthew 20. Jesus tells the story of workers being hired to work in a vineyard. The manager hires some early in the morning, some later in the morning, some at noon, some at mid-afternoon, and some late in the day. Each worker agreed to the stated wage and hours... let’s say $1 for the days work whether they worked two hours or 10 hours -- the agreement between worker and manager was made. Although they had agreed to the pay and the hours, they became upset when those who worked all day saw some who had worked only a few hours getting the same pay as they were. Wouldn’t anyone? Do you know anyone who wouldn’t think this is totally unfair? That’s how we look at it with human eyes, but knowing this is God’s word trying to teach us a better way, we can begin to see the situation through God’s eyes. If one “agrees” to work for a $1 a day they have no right to question what someone else is paid, even if they’re doing the same work and working fewer hours. If we make a commitment to work a day for a dollar, that is our obligation. If another agrees to work an hour for a dollar, that is between the worker and the manager. It has nothing to do with us. That’s hard to accept on a human level. We are so concerned with “our rights” and “what we think is ‘fair’”, but God’s ways are not our ways. If we could learn to accept this --doing it God’s way-- how much more we would be blessed. I suppose that’s what God meant when He said “Work as unto the Lord”. (Work as if you are doing it for the Lord.) Then you don’t mind working hard and you’re not so concerned with what’s “fair” and what’s not because you are doing it for the Lord and you know you’re going to be blessed. If everyone could approach work in this manner, we wouldn’t have a need for labor unions, worker mediators, unfair labor suits, etc., and people would have far fewer ulcers. Life would be better for everyone. That’s always the case when we do it God’s way. Footnote: Passages like this only confirm in my mind that the Bible IS God’s Word, not man’s. (Mankind) would never look at labor in this light without God’s guidance.
Rev. 01-14-2020